Here are some examples of life-size statues, sculpted by Studio Oxmox.

Most are stars and characters from movies, video games and comics and have been used as the master for mass production by the licensees. Masters or prototypes for officially licensed life-size statues require to pass a several step approval process by the licensor, which are companies like Marvel, DreamWorks or Warner Bros. or video game publisher like Ubisoft, Bethesda or Crystal Dynamics. All life-size character statues shown here have been approved by the licensors.

Studio Oxmox used traditional sculpting, 3D printing and a combination of different techniques to create these sculptures and masters for serial production. The replicas from production are either still for sale or have only been used for special events, promotion for movies, TV shows, comics and video game releases or as a winning prize. They are on display and with collectors worldwide.

Samantha Maxis, Call of Duty, COD, life size statue
, Call of Duty, COD, Stitch,life size statue
, Call of Duty, COD, Frank Woods, life size statue
Crypto 137 statue, Destroy All Humans, life size display
Batman  Classic DC, Batman 80th Anniversary figurine
The Incredible Hulk Classic
Captain America Classic
Iron Man Classic statue
Thor Ragnarok
Wonder Woman
Aquaman, Justice League
Wonder Woman Classic
Starlord with Baby Groot, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Batman Tactical, Justice League
Batman vs Superman
Star Wars Rebels
VAULT BOY Fallout 4
Superman, Batman v Superman
Dark Souls III
Captain America Civil War
DOOM life size statue
Deinonychus dinosaur, scale 1:1, open mouth
Deinonychus dinosaur scale 1:1, close mouth
T-REX Head, dinosaur display scale 1:1, close mouth and open mouth
The Amazing Spider-Man 2,  scale 1:1, prototype by Studio Oxmox
Captain America The Winter Soldier,  scale 1:1, prototype by Studio Oxmox
Dark Souls II,  scale 1:1, prototype by Studio Oxmox
Dracula, Castlevania, Lords of Shadow 2,  scale 1:1, prototype by Studio Oxmox
Hulk, Avengers Age of Ultron, scale 1:1, prototype sculpted by Studio Oxmox
Hulkbuster, Avengers Age of Ultron, 340 cm in height, prototype sculpted by Studio Oxmox
Tomb Raider, Lara Croft
Excalibur, Warframe statue
Mummy Oxmox life size
Lord of the Rings Dwarf life size, War in the North statue
Darth Maul, Starwars, life size character merchandise, rare, wining prize