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Address: Studio Oxmox Pty. Ltd., Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

Phone: +61-(0)7-55 59 26 53


Marc, who is an avid video game player and movie fan himself, is the right person to talk to about your ideas and the best way to present your product. He can also give an idea about the time it will take and the costs involved in creating your statue or product or a master for serial production. Licensed products require several aspects to consider, starting from the right layout for display in public, the complete approval process of the layout and the finale sculpture, all aspects regarding serial production, materials and the finished product.

Gaby, who is also a video game player and movie fan, works together with Marc and is your contact for all administrative and sale matters. She takes care of your 3D files and images as well as inquiries regarding transport and all other statue related questions.

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We speak German and English.